Making Your Wishes Clear

Regardless of your age, setting up a will is important. If you or a loved one dies without one, your family members could face some difficult decisions. A family estate could be distributed in a way that the decedent would not have intended, and even children could be left at loose ends with no plan for their care. You need a lawyer who has experience and can explain every step of the process to you. Foster Law, PLLC, has helped families throughout North Carolina.

Wills: The Basics

While creating your will, you will need to decide who your executor is. This person will be responsible for making sure your specific wishes are carried out. It does not have to be a relative. After you pass, this person will oversee the administration process. This process includes paying any debts, managing asset distribution, selling necessary property and filing all necessary court documents for your estate. It is important to have someone you can trust, and to make them aware of their responsibilities. We can guide you through this process and help explain what needs to be done.

Wills Can Help Plan For Children's Care

There are many active members of the military in Fayetteville with young families who worry about what will happen to their children if both parents pass away. We can answer any questions you may have and offer guidance to best protect your children. You can rest assured knowing that they will be taken care of, should anything ever happen. If your child is a minor, you will need to pick a guardian. If you don't, the court will appoint someone. They will be responsible for taking care of the child and looking after them until they are 18.

Call An Attorney Now

If you do not set up a will, your family may face the probate process, which can be complicated and time-consuming. The court will decide how to divide the estate, and may do it in a way that your family would not have chosen. Make sure your decisions are made clear by setting up a will. It will give you and your family peace of mind. Contact our office today for a free consultation at 910-600-0149 or fill out our contact form.